Each petal is earned by each Daisy completing two separate parts: first, learning about the value and what it means and secondly, showing and practicing the value.  The learning activities will always occur at our regular troop meetings where will talk about the value with the girls in our Daisy circle.  The practice of the value may occur at a meeting through a group activity, at a service project, or at an outing.

Daisy Promise Center

Every girl and adult who is a member of Girl Scouting or Guiding throughout the world makes a Promise, to uphold the Girl Scout Law, and be her best self.

Daisy Girl Scout Promise and Flower Friends

Honest & Fair (Light Blue Petal)

Girl Scouts value honesty and fairness by telling the truth, playing by the rules, taking turns, sharing, and standing up for themselves and others in truth and equality.

Lupe's Story
Petal Practice: Honest and Fair

Friendly & Helpful (Yellow Petal)

​Being friendly and helpful makes others feel welcome, and brightens their day. Daisies should take pride in putting a smile on someone's face by doing acts of kindness.

Sunny's Story
Petal Practice: Friendly and Helpful

Considerate & Caring (Light Green Petal)

On the road to being a good friend, and adopting positive socialization skills, being considerate and caring is important. This value also reinforces our Daisies treating others as they wish to be treated.

Zinni's Story
Petal Practice: Considerate and Caring

Courageous & Strong (Red Petal)

We want our girls to grow strong in body, and courageous in times of great peril; it is important that they build the foundation by having the courage to stand up for their beliefs, and the strength to do the right thing at all times.

Tula's Story
Petal Practice: Courageous and Strong

Responsible for What I Say & Do (Orange Petal)

Everyone has responsibilities. Responsibilities are important to make sure everyone is healthy, happy, and safe and has what they need to do all the things they need and want to do in their lives.

Mari's Story
Petal Practice: Responsibility

Respect Myself & Others (Purple Petal)

​Respect can mean a lot of different things. It can mean to be polite and to honor someone's position. It can also mean to look for or encourage positive, healthy things about a person.

Gloria's Story
Petal Practice: Respect Myself and Others

Respect Authority (Fuschia Petal)

When girls know how to demonstrate respect to authority figures, they are more likely to learn from them and develop a positive working relationship with them.

Gerri's Story
Petal Practice: Respect Authority

Use Resources Wisely (Green Petal)

​By using resources wisely (focusing on reduce reuse and recycle options), girls can feel connected to the communities and be resourceful problem solvers.

Clover's Story
Petal Practice: Use Resources Wisely

Make the World a Better Place (Rose Petal)

Girl Scouts work to identify community needs and feel empowered to make a difference in the world.

Rosie's Story
Petal Practice: Make the World a Better Place

Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout (Violet Petal)

​By learning about and respecting other Girl Scouts, girls develop healthy relationships and advance diversity in a multicultural world.

Vi's Story
Petal Practice: Sister to Every Girl Scout


When you take part in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, you are helping with the largest business run by girls in the whole world. Daisy Scouts learn financial skills about the value of money and how to run a business.

Money Counts (Financial Literacy Leaf)

When girls earn the Money Counts leaf, they learn about how much coins and bills are worth. For our troop, earned in Kindergarten Daisy Year.

Money Counts Leaf

Count It Up (Cookie Business Leaf)

​You can use money to buy things. You can use it to help other people, too. This leaf is focused on how money works. For our troop, earned in Kindergarten Daisy Year.

Count it Up Leaf

Making Choices (Financial Literacy Leaf)

There are things we need, and there are things we want. Both cost money! This leaf explores the differences between needs and wants and teaches girls about making money decisions. For our troop, earned in 1st Grade Daisy Year.

Making Choices Leaf

Talk It Up (Cookie Business Leaf)

​This leaf focuses on how best to use the cookie sales proceeds. Girls will be able to decide how to best use their cookie money, talk about how to use cookie money to help others, and inspire customers. For our troop, earned in 1st Grade Daisy Year.

Talk it Up Leaf
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